Vacation/Security Checks

The Moraine Police Division offers a security check program for residents who will be away from home. If any problems are found, you will be contacted. We will try to assist taking care of any problems while you are away.

Traffic School

Traffic School Program was created to allows violators who have received a traffic ticket but are otherwise good drivers to attend. Successful graduates have the traffic ticket dismissed, no fine to pay, no points on your driver’s license and no raise in insurance premiums.

Self Defense Classes

Our Self Defense programs consists of several weeks of self-defense training including personal protection techniques and general crime prevention methods.


Our Records Section is responsible for processing and organizing all records generated by the police division including miscellaneous reports, criminal reports, evidentuary photos and traffic accident reports.


The Patrol Section is responsible for handling calls placed to the communications center, traffic enforcement, criminal apprehensions, and other ancillary services.

Special Assignments Section

Our Special Assignments Section is responsible for the successful conclusion of all criminal prosecutions, crime prevention activities, undercover operations, and investigation of crimes.