Patrol/Special Assignment Section (S.A.S.)

PatrolOur Patrol and Special Assignments Section is under the direct supervision of Deputy Chief Jason Neubauer. We welcome your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions.

Our Patrol Section consists of 16 Officers and four Sergeants assigned to one of three shifts. The Patrol Section is responsible for handling calls placed to the communications center, traffic enforcement, criminal apprehensions, and other ancillary services. In addition to normal patrol activity, the Police Division utilizes highly effective bicycle and foot patrols in order to better serve the residents.

Our Special Assignments Section is responsible for criminal investigations and consists of

  • Two Detectives and a Sergeant

The Special Assignments Sections is always busy conducting follow-up investigations and pro-active investigations. The Special Assignments Section participates in regional task force operations including the Ohio Organized Crime Task Force, The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, The Tactical Crime Suppression Unit, and the TCSU regional SWAT team.

While the Patrol Section is generally considered the “backbone” of the Police Division, the Investigations Branch is responsible for the successful conclusion of all criminal prosecutions, crime prevention activities, undercover operations, and investigation of crimes. The complex work done by the Investigative Branch is crucial to the overall success of the Division.

The Special Assignments Section Supervisor, Sergeant Jon Spencer, can be contacted at 535-1155. He welcomes tips, comments, concerns and suggestions.